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office home cleaning service
office home cleaning service


House Cleaning

All first time cleanings are at an hourly rate, is that the size and condition of every home we walk into are different.

Our first visit is more like detailed cleaning. Before we can begin a regularly scheduled cleaning of a home there are a variety of first-time tasks that require extra time and effort.

Office cleaning

Our professional cleaning service team understands that a sparkling, clean and tidy office is a key to a company’s success and reputation. We offer you professional and flexible cleaning services. We schedule the work to your timetable.

Home office cleaning service san francisco CA
Home office cleaning service san francisco CA

Deep Spring Cleaning

With the sun finally peeking out after a long, cold winter, freshening your house with a deep spring cleaning can feel really good. San Francisco Rosita Cleaning Service provides the deep spring cleaning service for home, office, new house.

Housekeeping cleaning services from Rosie´s are simple and flexible. We design packages based on your cleaning preferences, desired frequency for home cleanings and budget. No contracts. No hassle.

  • Weekly.

  • Every other week

  • Monthly:

  •  One-time requests

Most customers prefer regular visits from our residential housekeepers. It creates more free time while reducing the effect allergens, bacteria and other unhealthy substances have on their families. For that reason alternate-weekly or weekly cleaning service is the most popular.

Home cleaning service san francisco CA
Home cleaning service san francisco CA

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